Classical  and  flamenco  guitars


At the Oregon Guitar Studio we carry a the full range of classical and flamenco guitars by the Hill Guitar Company and Cervantes Guitars.


Any guitar from the Cervantes or Hill line can be ordered. For current inventory contact owner David Tutmark.

Signature Cedar
Singtarure Spruce
Player / New World

Kenny Hill


Kenny Hill is one of the most accomplished, experienced and versatile classical guitar makers in the world today. He is recognized as a fine maker, player, teacher and innovator. He has worked as an individual luthier, in small workshops as well as in large factory settings, to bring fine guitars to thousands of players of all levels around the world.


Alejandro  Cervantes


Alejandro Cervantes is a guitar luthier who has been building guitars since he was a young boy, and he was instructed in the art of guitar lutherie early on by his father in Paracho Mexico.  Alejandro not only builds guitars, but he is also an accomplished player.  He studied music at Cabrillo College in Santa Cruz, CA, at the Erudite Music School in Bahia, Brazil, and at the National Conservatory of Music in Mexico City.  His early roots and consistent work as a builder/player have given him an excellent perspective from which to view guitar building. I have found that all of his guitars hold a distinct voice. 






Images coming soon.